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- About Moon Cat Magicals -


How we Harvest Matters


I harvest the plants I use in all Moon Cat products in the clean wild spaces of Vancouver Island and from organic gardens. I select plants for optimum health and vibrancy and connect with the spirits of those plants with offer of reciprocity and gratitude. I and ask for, and receive, permission before harvest.


I have consistently found, over decades of practice, that the medicines that I harvest myself this way work better that commercially farmed plants. This is especially true for crafting magic where celestial phases, intent and clarity, and plant relationships also make a tangible difference to the potion

From harvest onwards, the crafting of Moon Cat products is a sacred art and a spiritual practice. May they find their way to where they are needed.  

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Why This? Why Now?


I have suffered much in my life, as have many, and it has been to the wild spaces and to the plants that I have always turned for healing, safety and support. 

Each potion has arisen from a deep exploration and area of growth in my own healing journey as I have navigated my way through years of disabling complex PSTD and chronic pain back to a place of joy, vibrancy and contentment with life. 



As I have rebuilt myself and my life the plants have aways been with me. As I have explored how I want to live in this world, the voice of my intuition, of my guides, has been steady and consistent: to focus on the potions, to focus on what I love. 

And so I have.


For the growth and healing of all, this is my offering to the world. 

sacred oak sunrise

Meet   this Witch














My name is Connie Amanita Quayle (she/her), I'm a third generation settler on Vancouver Island, of Celtic and Baltic heritage, now living on lək̓ʷəŋən territory, home of the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations, in Victoria, BC. 

I've been practicing metaphysical herbalism since my first studies into herbal medicine in 1998 which blended into my spiritual path. My learning comes from many books, from herbalism certification, from Indigenous teachings, from Celtic plant magic and from the plants themselves in meditation and plant relationships developed over decades and in ceremony.

Every practitioner has areas of passion, and for me, my practice has centralized around energetic plant magic or metaphysical herbalism. I am what's called a Hedge Witch. The 'Hedge' is a metaphor for 'the space between' and refers to the liminal spaces and boundaries between this world and that of spirit. The hedge is also a physical place of great plant medicine biodiversity where ecosystems intersect. On a social level, as a queer, transgendered person living with an invisible disability I also experience the hedge as a place of living on the margins, the edges of society, which gives me a certain perspective on the world. All of these are part of my path as a hedge witch and healing healer.



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