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The Moon Cat Story

I (Connie Quayle, she/her) grew up in the forests of Vancouver Island in a family settled on the coast for several generations. I spent my childhood playing in coastal rainforests and exploring beaches learning to feed myself from nature first as snacks for a hungry child but later also as an important and significant part of my diet. Nettles and greens in spring, berries in summer, mushrooms in the fall and shellfish from the beaches throughout the seasons.

I began to turn to plants as medicine in the mid 90's and embarked on a journey of herbalism learning that continues with every passing year. I've worked with many teachers, elderly homesteaders who passed on folk wisdom, Indigenous Elders and traditional people who trusted me to hold their teachings sacred, books upon books upon books, herbalism courses such as a diploma through Dominion Herbal College, Witch communities connected with my Celtic roots but most of all from the plants themselves. 

I was amazed  at what I could learn just sitting quietly deeply listening to plant spirits, what they told me, and my own body as I nibbled, sniffed, sipped and held them.

I continue to be inspired by how much more potent the medicines are that  I harvest in the ways that I was taught: with prayer and blessing from the plant spirits, with offering and gratitude.


My journey into metaphysical herbalism, beyond the medicinal and into the energy of plants, really began when I hit rock bottom in my life journey and I turned to the allies I knew best - plant medicines - for healing and reclamation of my life.

As a survivor of multiple abuses and assaults that almost crushed my spirit and through many years of recovery it has been an epic journey of healing to become myself. Plant medicines have changed my life.






Love Potion was the first magic potion I crafted as I began to find love for myself and was finally able to receive love.

I found that plants I harvested by full moon were most charged with the loving energy I sought.

I learned how much difference the base the plants are infused in can make, for Love Potion I settled on a local honeyshine rum.

Wild rose petals joined with thorns taught me that love needs boundaries - sometimes sharp. 

Pink hawthorn flowers gently opened my heart and helped me connect.

Apple blossoms carried a fruitful abundance and juiciness to my feelings of love.

I infused the potion with rose quartz for the heart centered gemstone vibrations.

In full moon ritual I  called in the spirit of the deer for big-hearted gentleness.

And finally I sweetened it with honey for the sweetness of love.

On my path of healing I was supported in love by plants, who are always there for us, all of which are sacred, and from which we can learn so much. 

More potions have followed as my journey has deepened. Each potion taking many months, sometimes years to formulate and create... and the journey continues...

My gift to you, to the world

is this taste of connection to plant spirit medicines.

My we all find the healing we need.

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