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Grief Potion

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

usnea on hawthorn

For unlocking grief and supporting the grieving process

Grief can be painful, it can be exhausting, and when stuck it can lead to health complications on all levels. This potion, salty and bitter with the taste of grief, is made both to open and unlock the grieving process that is part of healing and also to support and nourish us while we dive into the depths of what we need to feel and be with in order to move into new places in our lives. It is helpful, for some people at some times to follow it up with Hope potion.

A few drops in the mouth, in water or used externally rubbed on the heart and throat chakras can help us through difficult and sacred release. The energies of the Dark Moon, when light is eclipsed is intertwined throughout from harvest of the plants to the ritual sealing of the potion. In the darkest of nights the stars twinkle their brightest and new light is poised to return. Dark moon is a time of release, of letting go to make room for the new. Hawthorn Berries (Crataegus spp.), from this tree of boundaries and the veil, supports us in loss and where we find our own edges. The berries nourish and calm the heart and clear the mind of confusion. Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a medicine of flow and of opening that goes deep within, mind opening in dream, womb space opening, and heart opening to let the grief pass. A plant of goddess connection for those who are nourished by this divinity.


Usnea (Usnea subfloridana) filters and cleanses and soothes wounds of both the spirit and body. Bitter and supportive to immune function, usnea helps support us to stay clear in our grief. Shore Pine needles (Pinus contorta) is a nourishing medicine to help us through dark times, their boughs stay green in the darkest times to bring in safety and warmth. Needles harvested for this potion are from pine trees that overlook the wild emotions of winter storms on the ocean. Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica) is a tree of emotions and emotional release that thrives in wet places also brings in a quality of soothing our pain so that it not too much to hold. Supple and flexible, willow helps us find our path through. Sea Salt for cleansing, to ground our bodies in minerals and to bring in the energy of the ocean, the deep waters that are tied to our emotional bodies. Mama Bear sprit is called in In song and ritual, potion held in bear medicine while infusing. For her love and her fierce protection of us, for her ability to rest in the darkness, she holds us in our grief.

Aquamarine and Obsidian are infused in the potion to lend their vibrational energies associated with reflection, with emotion, with communication and letting go, with seeing truth in grief. Contains: alcohol, spring water, hawthorn berries, shore pine needles, weeping willow, mugwort, usnea and Antarctic sea salt. With vibrational energies of obsidian, aquamarine and Mama Bear. 1 oz

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