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Hope Potion

For cultivating hope and lifting despair 
A potion of spring medicine that helps us to cultivate hope when we need a path out of grief or despair, crafted on the spring equinox to call in balance as we again learn to walk forward in our lives. 
Use few drops in the mouth, in water, or rubbed on temples, heart and third eye chakras.
Snowdrop blossoms (Galanthus nivalis) give a mind clearing boost, as they warm their way through the snow, this beautiful medicine helps us clear away the frozen parts of our selves. 
White Wild Rose (Rosa spp) brings heart opening, clearing and love strengthening vibrations which help us to find our boundaries that helps us feel the growth of new hope.
Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) calls in healing and positivity as she cleanses us and reminds up of connection to others.
Swamp Lantern root (Lysichiton americanus) blooms in the mud, bringing beauty to what might otherwise hold us down and warmth to the darkness as this medicine builds heat to melt through the frozen.
Dandelion blossoms (Taraxacum officinale) bring a tenacious determination to bloom no matter how hard things are or how alone we feel combined with a deep cleansing energy.
Cherry blossoms (Prunus spp) bring magic of renewal and a reminder of the impermanence of things as they heal our hearts. 
Maple (Acer spp) syrup brings a touch of sweetness and magic of the maple tree to bring gentleness, clear sadness and remind us of the possibility of abundance. 
Infused with flourite and clear quartz crystal gemstones for vibrations to bring clarity and calming of mind, heart and spirit. 
Eagle spirit is called through song and incantation during spring equinox ritual for their clear sight and high soaring to lifting our hopes and prayers. 
Contains: alcohol, spring water, snowdrop blossoms, white wild rose petals, swamp lantern root, dandelion blossoms, sweetgrass, cherry blossoms, maple syrup
1 oz
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