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Love Potion

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

For opening to Universal and Self Love I first made this at a time in my healing journey where I had finally accepted myself wholly, all the messy complexity that I am, and began to truly love myself for the first time. It was a break-through that began a many-years journey into my own healing as I found the self love to know that I am worth it. And you are too, you are worthy of love. We all are. When I shared this potion with others the look of delight and pure love that spread across their features and the enthusiastic encouragement of loved ones convinced me to begin offering this, and other potions, to the world. It began with this gift of love.

For a sweet dash of loving energy take a few drops on the tongue, in a beverage, or rubbed onto the heart to help us remember the universal love that we are always connected to. Crafted of blossoms harvested by full moon and in full moon ritual to seal the magic for fullness, abundance and uplifting energy. Wild Rose Petals of the Nootka Rose (Rosa nutkana) for her soft open invitation and sweet sensual taste. Rose, a flower of the heart, is empowered with thorny clear boundaries to help us find both "yes!" and "no!" which are integral to loving ones self. Pink Hawthorn Blossoms (Crataegus spp) bring a heart-opening and stimulating energy with wisdom. Hawthorn allows for opening to new possibility and helps us connect our minds and hearts. Apple Blossoms (Malus domestica) for their immense potential to bear fruit, to expand and grow into nourishing abundance, and with a gift of magical protection. Rose Quartz is infused throughout for this gem's loving and heart opening vibrations Deer Spirit is called in through ritual to bring gentleness, and big hearted peace. Infused in honey rum, sweetened with rose honey, this bee medicine brings energies of abundance and vitality 1 oz

pink hawthorn blossoms

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