Love spells and love potions: are they shadow magic?

As Valentine’s Day and spring energy starts to remind us of some of the juicier aspects of life, sometimes it’s normal to feel a longing, to wish for new love to come into our lives, or to build new spark with someone familiar.

And there are magical ways to bring love into our lives, ways to call what we long for into our hearts. Some are pure and good, and some are very much not.

From my perspective, any spell or potion that takes away the free will of another is shadow magic, they are dangerous and harmful. Even if the goal is something seemingly beautiful like love, to bring back an old lover, to make someone else fall in love with you, the sort of targeted magic on another individual is not love, it is control. To take action to control the emotions, the choices, the life path of someone else, like any other form of manipulation and control in a relationship, is abusive. Love is only healthy when it is given freely and nourished with honesty.

What’s worse for us if tempted to use this sort of shadow magic, is that if we alter the life path of another, particularly in something as transformative as choices in love, we also take on karmic responsibility for the choices of that person. If others are harmed, suffer loss or hardship for the choices they make as a result of how we have manipulated the free will of another then we have caused that harm.

However, with those words of dire warning aside, there are also some beautiful ways to call in love. Like attracts like, love attracts love. And in the words of Ru Paul “If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

  • Savor herbal aphrodisiacs such as chocolate or strawberries on the tongue with sensuality.

  • Rub scented or herb infused oils on your body, ALL over your body.

  • Soak in a bath of rose petals, rose oil, rub rose oil on your heart.

  • Carry or wear rose quartz, rhodonite or other resonant crystals.

  • Meditate on universal love, surround yourself in a bubble of love.

  • Cry, heal, release what is stuck. Grieve with all your bravery and all your heart so your opening to love can be renewed.

  • Make your own love potion with heart opening plants such as hawthorn flower or wild rose.

Love Potion Recipe

For opening your heart to self and universal love. When we feel love, we spread love.

If possible, harvest the plants and mix your potion on a full moon.

Put In a 1 quart mason jar (fresh amount, if using dried herbs then use half)

  • 2 cups of lightly packed rose petals

  • 1 cup of apple blossoms

  • 1 cup of hawthorn blossoms

  • sprinkle of dried damiana

  • clean rose quartz

  • 1 cup honey

  • Half a lemon

Pour boiling water over the herbs in your jar and cover. When cool enough, stir or put a lid on the jar and gently shake, then add more hot water if air bubbles come up. Cover and let sit overnight, in moonlight if you can, or longer before straining and storing for up to two weeks in your fridge.

This heart-opening cordial can be enjoyed sipped alone, heated or cool, or added to fizzy water or wine with a fresh strawberry.

May love flow through us all.

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