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Magical Herbalism: A Sacred way to Heal

We live because of plants. All life on Earth relies on plants to alchemize the light energy of the sun with the nourishment of the dark Earth. Plants, and the fungi they grow with, are the basis of all food, medicines, clothing and fuels. They feed us, house us and nourish us. They are the foundation of life and of healing.

Plants are more than just things to use, they are living, breathing entities that nourish us, heal us, warm us and shelter us. As living beings, each plant has an energy and a spirit and it is that essence, the vibration of that plant-being that forms the foundation of magical herbalism in the way I practice.

When we develop our perceptions we can experience plants as friends and allies, each with a unique spirit almost as a flavor beyond the palette, or as sensations and feelings that arise when we visit those plants and take them into ourselves. There is so much we can learn through the qualities that each plant offers and what they evoke in us like the sensations of joy, hope and love when surrounded by blossoming cherry trees, or the gentle, soothing starry vibration of chickweed.

When I craft a potion is it these vibrations, working in harmony with each other, often accompanied by crystal and gemstone vibrations and animal spirit energies that come together into a symphony of healing that flows through us and guides us in our own growth.

The MoonCat formulas have been developed over years of dreaming, listening to and learning from the plants, and though my own deep healing journey to deeply understand the intent of each potion which represents an aspect of a healing journey to release old patterns, move past trauma and step into one’s sovereign self through boundaries, self-love, releasing grief, finding hope and new vision.

As with anything of spirit, every detail of how we do things matters. And in crafting potions for magic this begins with the relationship I have with each plant developed over decades of practice. When approaching a relationship with a plant I often just watch it, maybe grow it in my garden, nibble on it and smell it, sit with it quietly sometimes for years before I begin to harvest.

And when I do harvest, which I time with the phases of the moon, I give an offering, explain how I hope to use the harvest and ask for permission. If the plant, through the connections built, does not give a positive response then I do not harvest. As with other beings, a no is a no and must be respected. This asking of permission, reciprocity, and respect for the spirit of that plant is what allows the energetic vibration to remain strong for processing into potions.

When I bring in a harvest from clean wild spaces or organic gardens I then create potent tinctures in alcohol using more plant matter or specially selected parts of the plants for stronger tinctures than is typical for medicinal purposes. Mugwort blossoms, for example, I tincture separately a different potion than the leaves and put them out under the dark moon, and when using St. John’s Wort I use only the flowers and let them infuse in sunlight.

Once ready, the individual tinctures are then combined into potions in a witch crafting practice according to celestial phases. Self-Love potion, for example, I mix on a full moon with ritual, song and incantations which seal the intent of the potion and put aside to infuse with gemstones that are aligned with the focus of the potion, in this case, rose quartz while Liquid Sunlight is infused with citrine and golden topaz.

Many of the MoonCat potions are also held by animal spirits called in who offer their own qualities to the medicine such as a calling in of Mama Bear to hold us in our grief, or of the owl for seeking in darkness.

MoonCat Magical Potions are a powerful way to support your growth and healing. There is no substitute for your own personal growth work and facing what must be faced, but none of us needs to heal alone and these potions, these plants, are allies that can help and support us on our journeys.

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