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For deepening connection with the spirit of Nettle (Urtica dioica).


This tincture is made from early spring nettle shoots, harvested at their most potent. Nettle is sharp and energetic with vibrancy and excels at transformation of the self by awakening what needs energy within us and in nourishing that process. Nettle is a plant associated with boundaries and edges and also, when used respectfully, for sustenace and safety both as food and fibre. In tincture form Nettle is also potent as a natural remedy for hay fever and environmental allergies.


Take a few drops in the mouth, in water or externally on third eye and heart chakras. For use to calm allergy symptoms take a few drops under the tongue at first sign itching and let it absorb, repeat every five minutes until symptoms subside.


Contains: grain alcohol, vodka, nettle shoots


1 oz

Spring Nettle Tincture

SKU: 0007
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