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For deepening connection with the spirit of Wild Nootka Rose (Rosa nutkana).


A delicious non-alcohol tincuter of wild rose petals in vegetable glycerine to take a few drops on the tongue as desired.


Rose has inspired love and beauty around the world. Tributes to the essence of this majestic plant have been created in abundance and she has been celebrated throughout human history for her divinity. She is known as a healer, a teacher, a protector, associated with goddesses and the sacred feminine. Rose is plant of love, of the heart, of magic, a masterplant like no other.


This potion is made from wild rose, clear and pure in her medicine, with a taste and fragrance that has to be experienced to be believed.


Rose petals, delicious, soft, smooth and fragrant invoke a true vibration of love and a deep opening, petal upon petal, of the heart. Rose brings in gentleness and caring, vibrancy and embodied sensuality and show us that opening the self to love, in all it's forms, is both beautiful and sacred.


Rose thorns remind us that love has boundaries, and that self-love is intertwined with knowing our edges and protecting them with strength and, when needed, sharpness. Rose thorns bring in awareness of where our boundaries are, how important they are, and a protective energy. It is from a place of embodied safety that we can truly allow our hearts and beings to open.


Contains: organic vegetable glycerine, wild rose petals and thorns


1 oz

Wild Rose Glycerite

SKU: 0012
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