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Witch Crafts

Connection with plant medicines as teachers and allies is sacred practice. Moon Cat potions bring healing magic from plants to you.

Every element is artisan crafted with intention, deep relationships with the plants, moon phase of the harvest, infusion with gemstones, song and chants for calling in animal spirits and ritual for final mixing. 

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wholesale and commission pricing available. Pick up and delivery available in Victoria, BC

Also available at

Errant Empire Herbal Medicines in Victoria

MA Yoga & Wellness in Victoria

Spiral Scents Magical Herb Shop in Victoria

Hollyhock gift shop on Cortes Island


Open to Universal & Self-Love

wild rose petals

pink hawthorn blossoms

apple blossoms

rose-infused honey

in honey rum


rose quartz infused

deer sprit supported

harvested by full moon

crafted full moon ritual



Cultivate Hope

snowdrop blossoms

white wild rose, sweetgrass

dandelion petals

swamp lantern root

cherry blossoms

maple syrup

spring water, grain alcohol, vodka

flourite & clear quartz infused

eagle spirit supported

harvested by full moon

crafted in Spring Equinox ritual



Strengthen Boundaries


hawthorn berries


wild rose petals & thorns

devil's club

stinging nettle

cedar tips

vodka & grain alcohol


obsidian infused

wolf spirit supported

crafted in Samhain ritual




Unlock & process grief


hawthorn berries



shore pine needles

weeping willow bark

sea salt

vodka & grain alcohol

obsidian and aquamarine infused  mama bear spirit supported

harvested by dark moon

crafted in eclipse ritual



Visioning & Inner Sight


mugwort flowers

elder flower

yarrow flowers

hawthorn blossoms

ghost pipe

vodka & grain alcohol

black moonstone & amethyst infused

owl spirit supported

dark moon harvest

crafted in dark moon ritual



Energetic & Immune Protection

devil's club

yarrow, osha root

oregon grape root

swamp lantern root

cedar tips, usnea

chaga, reishi, turkey tail

artist conk

spring water, grain alcohol


Labradorite infused

turtle spirit supported



Liquid Sunlight

for darker times 


dandelion blossoms

calendula flowers

St. John's wort petals

swamp lantern root

calendula flowers

quxmin (Lomatium nudicaule)

orange, ginger, honey

in tequila

citrine and golden topaz infused

crafted in summer solstice ritual


Specialty Tinctures

Moon Cat tinctures focus on energetic connection with a few select plants that have long history of metaphysical use and are not easy to find of this high quality.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) for psychic opening and dreaming, lunar goddess connections. 

Spring Nettle (Urtica dioica) for invigoration and cleansing.

Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus)

for cleansing and protection.

Hopi Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) for grounding and clarity.


San Pedro
flower essence

San Pedro flower essence (Echinopsis pachanoi) From this sacred cactus of the Andes, also known as Huachuma, know for it's visionary effects, this is a flower essence crafted from a rare blooming for energetic connection to this sacred medicine.


Wild Rose

Wild rose (Rosa nutkana) a plant with deep history in the sacred to cultivate sensuous love with strong boundaries and much more. Potions contain both petals and thorns of wild rose. Available in a sweetened base of honey rum, or in a vegan glycerine. 



Skin Soother Salve

A cooling ointment for soothing of itches, burns, bug bites and rashes. It works!

wild rose, chickweed, plantain in a base of avocado, olive and grapeseed oils with aloe vera, vitamin E, shea butter and beeswax. Scented with lavender, rose and bergamot essential oils.

skin ointment_edited.jpg

Ouch-Ease eases ouchies

A warming rub for sore, inflamed, aching muscles and joints to clear stuck energy.

devil's club, comfrey, poplar buds, St. John’s wort flowers, sword fern spores,  mullein and snow berries in a base of avocado, grapeseed and olive oils with beeswax, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils.


Herbal Smoke Mix


Smoke alone to bring in the calming medicine of these beautiful heart and mind opening plants, or mix with other plants for smokey smoothness.

Contains: mugwort, mullein, raspberry leaf, wild rose petals and red clover flowers. 


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