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Dream Potion

For dreaming, vision, trance and meditation support
Dark moon harvest and creation to invoke the qualities of turning within, of stillness and inner sight when the moon is in her own power and not reflecting the light of another. 
Mugwort flowers (Artemisia vulgaris) bring a gift of opening the inner eye, of dream enhancement and gentle vision connecting us to our grounded heart and womb-spaces.
Hawthorn flowers, (Crataegus monogyna) as a tree of boundaries between this realm and the next bring sprotection as we travel, a psychic opening, and enhance the connection between our minds and hearts.
Elder flower, (Sambucus racemosa) a gateway tree opens our minds to what is on the other side by enhancing clarivoyance and bringing in blessings of Earth mother and the realm of faerie long been associated with this magic medicine. 
Yarrow flowers (Achillea millefolium) open the mind to psychic gifts and protect us with reminder of our discernment. This is a plant of devination with an energy of gentle flow to heal our vulnerable places slowly and sustainably. 
Ghost Pipe, (Monotropa uniflora) a small amount of this potent medicine is included for a dream-like, calming effect on the mind and nervous system.
Infused with black moonstone and amethyst for the dream opening and spirit travel vibrations they enhance. 
Owl spirit called in for clear sight and spirit flight, the support of this silent and precise hunter, during dark moon ritual to seal the magic.
Take a few drops in the mouth, in water or externally on nape of neck, heart and third eye chakra.
Contains: grain alcohol, vodka, mugwort flowers, elder flowers, yarrow flowers, hawthorn blossoms, ghost pipe.
1 oz
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